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"The real revolution is the inner revolution"

Jacob Moth

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Electric Shaman

Inspired by the greats that came before them; Muse, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the electrically-powered master trio of Electric Shaman is here to bring the generation-defining tradition of psychedelic trance rock into the 21st century.

Jacob moth

“The real revolution is the inner revolution”

Jacob Moth

Dr. Stanislav Grof, Ph.D, MD.

Author of LSD Psychotherapy, Psychology of the Future, 6 The Cosmic Game and The Ultimate Journey

In today’s world where hundreds of thousands of people are interested and involved in serious self-exploration, there is an urgent need for honest information and guidelines. Jacob Moth’s “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” is a treasure trove of information that is invaluable for this purpose.

Christopher Bache, Ph.D.

author of LSD and the Mind of the Universe, Lifecycles, Dark Night, Early Dawn and professor emeritus of Religious Studies at Youngstown State University

In Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly, Jacob Moth takes us deep into his psychedelic odyssey in search of healing and wholeness. Written in a free flowing, almost stream of consciousness style, his narrative blends person memories, session reports, dreams, relationships, reflections, tripping insights, astrology, psychology, and much more. With remarkable candor and self-disclosure, Jacob documents both the pitfalls and blessings of his psychedelic journey, each page overflowing with his artistic creativity. Nocturnal Butterfly is the courageous story of a dedicated psychonaut, boldly told and sure to be remembered.

Stanley Krippner / Psychologist/ Ph.d.

Author of Human Possibilities and Song Of The Siren

“Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly” is a fascinating epic. Jacob Moth related how his life path has been positively influenced by various mind-altering substances such as LSD and cannabis. Moth’s use of these substances for personal growth and development has not been frivolous; indeed, he walks the path with sincerity and serious intent. He has met with both triumphs and tragedies along the way, and described both with honesty and integrity. This book will appeal to other “psychonauts” and to others with spiritual and philosophical orientations. The reader will enjoy the drawings and illustrations, as well as the way that Moth has synthesized a very unique personal mythology.”

International Transpersonal Conference in Prague, 2017

Watch Jacob's presentation of his life story 

The video above showcases Jacob Moth presenting the concept of The Magic Garden as well as his life story to an audience at the International Transpersonal Conference in Prague, 2017. 

The video does a great job of summarizing the concept underlying The Magic Garden and Jacob’s own Adventure of Self-Discovery.

Before you move on to a more intricate rundown of Jacob’s vast and amazing story, you can also follow him on his current Adventure of Self-Discovery by watching Jacob’s Vlogs by clicking below.

My upbringing 

I was born in May 1967 around the same time as the hippie movement was born. My father was a well-educated man working with supercomputers and helping leading scientists. He was an atheist and I was raised with a materialistic world view. He told me that the philosophers have declared that “God was dead”.

On my 11th birthday, I got an electric guitar and a tape with Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits. From that day I knew that music would become a major part of my life, and I started to practice the art of playing the guitar with great discipline.

As a teenager, a deep inner call awakened in me, which led me to explore the mysteries of the universe and seek answers to the great questions of life: Who am I? What’s the meaning of life? Where are we coming from? Where are we going?

At high school, I was introduced to smoking cannabis. This resulted in some profound personal experiences. When my classmates went to parties on the weekends, I went to the beach and forest for meditation or to listen to Hendrix. I never touched alcohol. At one point, a companion of mine handed me the key to my longing soul – Stanislav Grof’s book: Realms of the Unconscious.

I was immediately turned on. 

I started experimenting with the psychedelic substance, LSD, which opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the Universe, which fueled my stormy search for my authentic and deeper self.

Shamanic Initiatory Crisis

My introduction to the fantastic and magical properties of LSD led to the most important and life-shattering experience in my entire life. At the age of 17, in 1984, I suffered from a very intense experience. I refer to it as a shamanic initiatory crisis, which triggered my deep and powerful inner journey, an adventure of self-discovery. I knew there were only two possible outcomes: either I suffered a psychological breakdown or a psychological breakthrough.

The Call for Adventure

I interpreted this as a call from higher powers – my call for adventure. I knew that I had to undertake this inner journey and dare to go beyond my own fear and really explore the awe-inspiring inner space of the psyche. And to find success in this quest, I had to find qualified trainers and teachers.

Teachers, training, and journeys in consciousness

I dropped out of ordinary school and made my own personalized curriculum. I studied and practiced various spiritual disciplines and as well as psychotherapy. I did this with great passion, focused and with discipline only found in spiritual warriors and dedicated seekers.


My main teacher in psychotherapeutic methods and techniques was Jørgen Lumbye, MSc in Psychology,  and Klaus Gormzen, MSc in Psychology. 


Jørgen Lumbye was a leading pioneer in psychedelic therapy taught by the world-renowned Dr. Stanislav Grof MD. 


Klaus was, and still is, an amazing and absolutely extraordinary teacher in psychotherapy in theory and practice without involving psychoactive substances. 


What makes him unique is that he has implemented techniques and methods from leading worldwide pioneers: Friz Perls who invented Gestalt Therapy, Dr. Arthur Janov – Primal Therapy, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung – Dream Therapy, Stanislav Grof’s cartography of COEX systems, perinatal matrices and transpersonal realms to name but a few. 


Klaus developed a system he called Mutual Therapy. From 1985 to 1994, I took all his courses and practiced all these techniques in groups for many years slowly but surely making them an integral part of my own life.


I have participated in other seminars hosted by other renowned names such as Stanislav Grof, Terence McKenna, Michael Barnett, Art Read, and more – and was also educated as a yoga teacher with the Danish yoga teacher Torben Blond who was educated in India.


For many years I used the technologies of the sacred – meditation, yoga, shamanistic practice, experience orientated psychotherapy and psychedelic substances in safe environments with experienced sitters.

Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly

My journey is described in my autobiographical travelogue ”Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly”, which has a preface by the internationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof M.D.

The preface from Stanislav Grof meant a great deal to me. I experienced his act as a great blessing and power transmission which released a kind of quantum leap in my consciousness.

I thought that if I could receive a preface from Stanislav Grof – whom many recognize as the leading consciousness researcher – then anything is possible. This gave me the courage to believe and act in the process of manifesting our temple and sanctuary – the main building in The Magic Garden – Axis Mundi Studio.

Professional musician and composer

From the age of 20, I made my living by being a professional musician, composer and music teacher. I played with well-known Danish rock bands such as Savage Rose, Fate and my trio Purple Haze. At the end of the 90s, I became a rock star in South Korea performing with my band BL!NK.


In 2003 through 2005, Ecaterina and I worked with English producer and former drummer of Pink Floyd on several tracks for the LilaRose Odyssey.


From 2003 to 2006, I worked as a producer and technician for the well known Danish composer Jacob Groth on several TV series (The Eagle, Young Anderson and more). In 2006-2007, I was educated in composing for symphonic orchestra by the American film composer Hummie Mann, who has worked on several Hollywood movies. 


From the year 2007, I started to compose music for TV series, documentaries, films and more (Clown, Tigers & Tattoos, Storm, and more). I compose ongoing for the leading music publisher Apollo in Scandinavia and my music is used and distributed worldwide.


Besides my professional life as a composer and musician, I continually studied and practiced psychotherapy, philosophy, mythology, yoga, meditation, shamanistic practice and more.

Watch a video presenting my showreel as a composer below:

the vision

the magic garden

How I got the vision for The Magic Garden (In Jacob’s own words)

In 1995 – 11 years after my initiation crisis – my quest culminated in an extraordinarily powerful and profound experience and vision.


What triggered the experience was that I could not afford the money to buy the property where I wanted to live, and where I desired to build my own home. No bank would agree to help me and I was forced to search for a solution somewhere else. After much thought, I decided to conduct a shamanistic ritual and ask The Great Spirit for help and advice.


During this powerful shamanic ritual, which included help from so-called plant allies, I suddenly found myself in a spacecraft catapulted out among the stars, galaxies, flying in and out of black and white holes.


There I was contacted by a spirit guide, who presented himself as Goan-Quzook. The being transmitted detailed information about how to build The Magic Garden and Axis Mundi Studio, as a place which connects the various levels of reality; a microcosm, a cosmic space station, a modern temple, a modern Grail castle full of symbols, adventure, magic and symbolism – where artistic, spiritual and creative energies and impulses are gathered in one place.

To make the vision come true I immediately started to plant trees in accordance with the architectural drawings I had received from the spirit guide.

Some months after this ritual I succeeded in buying the property for 888.888,88 DDK on the exact date of my 11 years anniversary day for my initiatory crisis. The number 11 is a key number to the whole concept and my entire life.


The vision of The Magic Garden is very complex, multidimensional, ingenious and original. Essentially The Magic Garden is a multidimensional artistic concept manifesting the emerging paradigm – an entirely new and holistic world view. 


The essence of the vision

The vision aims to express the entire Universe on all levels. According to the Hindu tradition, the way the universe functions is called Lila. Lila’s literal translation is play. It points to the idea that the Universal Mind plays a multidimensional complex consciousness game with itself. A game of hide and seek.


The vision is aiming to transcend and include the totality of human experiences throughout evolution, as we know it. The vision is based upon and have a foundation in Transpersonal Psychology. The vision includes the wide spectrum of various sciences and approaches from quantum physics to oriental mysticism.


The vision is an artistic and practically expression of the cartography of the psyche. Through a multitude of symbols and artistic expressions The Magic Garden is in all its complexity a mythological landscape. According to the pioneer of deep understanding of mythology, Joseph Campbell, mythology is the penultimate truth. The final truth can’t be expressed. It can only be experienced.


The ultimate vision of The Magic Garden is that it is a modern initiation place, a sanctuary, a grail castle which functions as a portal to give seekers a direct experience of the spiritual dimensions.


So everything in The Magic Garden is penetrated with ideas, philosophy, symbolism, experiences and all are puzzle pieces in a magnificent mandala manifesting the cosmic game. And all puzzle pieces are interconnected and woven into each other.


Four pillars – four elements

In its most basic form, the vision consists of four “pillars”. The four pillars can be interpreted and seen as the four corners end elements found in the medicine wheel.



Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly is the transforming fire, the direct experience of the adventure of self-discovery I undertook. The Magic Garden is based on this journey and these direct powerful experiences originating from non-ordinary states of consciousness. As everything in The Magic Garden is in constant evolution, so is Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly, and my own adventure of self-discovery is an ongoing process.



The Magic Garden is the physical place where the vision is grounded. It is the very foundation for what is absolutely necessary for the crystallisation of the vision. Without this sanctuary – without a physical temple – this would not be possible.



Music is the lifeblood that flows like water in all the veins, energy channels, trees, plants and so forth in The Magic Garden. The LilaRose Odyssey is an ingenious music cosmology. Through 11 albums and 123 music tracks it connects all aspect of TMG. All various locations and symbols, sculptures, building constructions are connected with a specific music track in the cosmology.



Axis Mundi and Axis Mundi Studio is the vehicle, the spacecraft that lift you high up in the air, up to all the various spheres, and out (or more precisely) into, all the galaxies of inner space.

Land of the nucturnal butterfly

the magic garden



The Land Of the nucturnal butterfly

An extraordinary psychedelic travelogue about a young man’s stormy deep psychological and spiritual search for his inner authentic nature. 

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